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TETRA radio handset - FT4 series 


Intrinsically Safe acc. ATEX II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 
(under certification)

Outdoor protection class: IP 65

Full keypad,single-hand use


GPS functionality build-in

Indoor- localisation by build-in VLF receiver based on VLF beacons

Volition- independent alarms:




tear-off  /  theft  /  loss alert

Emergency alarms: 2 different types

Technical alarm in case of unit failure

Continuos supervision by the alarm center

DIN VDE 0825-1 approved

   (Standard for hazardous workplaces)



Secury System Alams:


Manual Alarms

Pushbutton alarms

    Main alarm (1 und 2)and Warning alarm (1 und 2)

Automatic Alarms 

Position alarm

Loss alarm

No-movement alarm

Time-out alarm

Exact LF Indoor Localization

Sensor Test on Powering On

Cyclic Life Check

Ambience Listening




Optimal radio coverage with minimal installation cost

Very rapid call establishment (< 300 ms)

High speech quality with good speech recognition

High user-capacity by means of time division multiplex (4 channels per frequency)

Outstanding, resource-efficient group communication for operational control

High level of communication security thanks to TETRA codec and additional encryption possibilities

Direct communication between handsets as additional fallback solution

Communication with PABX and the public telephone network

Guaranteed delivery of short data messages, even to busy users




Complete System Architecture

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